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A disturbance in the way the body produces, uses, and distributes fat. Lipodystrophy is also referred to as buffalo hump, protease paunch, or Crixivan potbelly. In HIV disease, lipodystrophy has come to refer to a group of symptoms that seem to be related to the use of protease inhibitor and NRTI drugs. How protease inhibitors and NRTIs may cause or trigger lipodystrophy is not yet known. Lipodystrophy symptoms involve the loss of the thin layer of fat under the skin, making veins seem to protrude; wasting of the face and limbs; and the accumulation of fat on the abdomen (both under the skin and within the abdominal cavity) or between the shoulder blades. Women may also experience narrowing of the hips and enlargement of the breasts. Hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance are frequently associated with lipodystrophy. Also called lipodystrophy syndrome, pseudo-Cushing's syndrome.

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