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Cancer Terms Beginning With I

Ici 182780 Ici D1694
Idarubicin Idec-Y2B8 Monoclonal Antibody
Idiopathic Idiopathic Myelofibrosis
Idoxifene Idoxuridine
Ifosfamide Ih636 Grape Seed Extract
Il-1-Alfa Il-11
Il-12 Il-2
Il-3 Il-4
Il-6 Ileostomy (Il-Ee-Ahs-Toe-Mee)
Ilx-295501 Ilx23-7553
Im Im-862
Imagery Imaging
Imaging Procedure Imatinib Mesylate
Imipenem Imiquimod
Immune Adjuvant Immune Function
Immune Response Immune System (Im-Yoon)
Immune System Tolerance Immunization
Immunoassay Immunocompetence
Immunocompetent Immunocompromised
Immunodeficiency Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Immunoglobulin Immunological Adjuvant
Immunology Immunophenotyping (Im-Yoo-No-Fee-No-Tie-Ping)
Immunoscintigraphy Immunostimulant
Immunosuppression Immunosuppressive
Immunosuppressive Therapy Immunotherapy (Im-Yoo-No-Ther-A-Pee)
Immunotoxin Implant
Implantable Pump Implant Radiation (Ray-Dee-Ay-Shun)
Impotence Impotent (Im-Po-Tent)
Incidence Incision (In-Sih-Zhun)
Incisional Biopsy (In-Sih-Zhun-Al By-Op-See) Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant
Incontinence (In-Kahn-Tih-Nens) Incubated
Indian Cress Indian Elm
Indian Rhubarb Indinavir
Indium In 111 Ibritumomab Tiuxetan Indium In 111 Pentetreotide
Indole-3-Carbinol Indolent (In-Doe-Lint)
Indolent Lymphoma Indomethacin
Induction Therapy Infection
Inferior Vena Cava Infertile
Infertility Infiltrating Cancer
Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Inflammation
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Infliximab Informed Consent
Infrared Coagulation Infusion
Ingestion Inguinal Orchiectomy (In-Gwin-Al Or-Kee-Ek-Toe-Mee)
Inhalation Inherited
Injection Inoperable
Inositol Inositol Hexaphosphate
Insomnia Instillation
Institutional Review Board Insulin (In-Su-Lin)
Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Intercalator
Interferon (In-Ter-Feer-On) Interleukin-1-Alpha
Interleukin-11 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin) Interleukin-12 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin)
Interleukin-2 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin) Interleukin-3 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin)
Interleukin-4 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin) Interleukin-4 Pe38Kdel Cytotoxin
Interleukin-4 Pe38Kdel Immunotoxin Interleukin-6 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin)
Interleukin-7 (In-Ter-Loo-Kin) Interleukins (In-Ter-Loo-Kins)
Intermediate-Grade Lymphoma Internal Radiation (Ray-Dee-Ay-Shun)
Interstitial Radiation Therapy Intervention Group
Intestinal Intestinal Villi
Intestine (In-Tes-Tin) Intoplicine
Intracarotid Infusion Intracavitary
Intracavitary Radiation Intracellular
Intracolonic Intracranial Tumor
Intradermal Intraductal Carcinoma (In-Tra-Duk-Tal Kar-Si-No-Ma)
Intraepithelial (In-Tra-Eh-Pih-Theel-Ee-Ul) Intrahepatic (In-Tra-Hep-At-Ik)
Intrahepatic Bile Duct Intrahepatic Infusion
Intralesional Intraluminal Intubation And Dilation
Intramuscular Intramuscular Injection
Intraocular Melanoma Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
Intraperitoneal (In-Tra-Per-Ih-Toe-Nee-Al) Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (In-Tra-Per-Ih-Toe-Nee-Al Kee-Mo-Ther-A-Pee)
Intraperitoneal Infusion Intraperitoneal Radiation Therapy (In-Tra-Per-Ih-Toe-Nee-Al Ray-Dee-A-Shun)
Intrapleural Intrathecal (In-Tra-Thee-Kal)
Intrathecal Chemotherapy (In-Tra-Thee-Kal Kee-Mo-Ther-A-Pee) Intratumoral
Intravenous (In-Tra-Vee-Nus) Intravenous Injection
Intravenous Pyelogram (In-Tra-Vee-Nus Pye-El-O-Gram) Intravenous Pyelography (In-Tra-Vee-Nus Pye-Lah-Gra-Fee)
Intraventricular Infusion Intravesical (In-Tra-Ves-Ih-Kal)
Invasive Cancer Invasive Cervical Cancer
Invasive Procedure Investigational
Investigator Inviable
In Situ Cancer In Vitro
In Vivo Iodine
Iododoxorubicin Ionomycin
Iort Ip
Ip6 Ipsilateral
Irb Irinotecan
Irofulven Irradiated
Irradiation (Ih-Ray-Dee-Ay-Shun) Irreversible Toxicity
Iseganan Hydrochloride Isis 2503
Isis 3521 Isis 5132
Islets Of Langerhans Cell (Eye-Lets Of Lang-Er-Hanz) Islet Cell
Islet Cell Cancer (Eye-Let) Isoflavone
Isointense Isolated Hepatic Perfusion
Isolated Limb Perfusion Isolated Lung Perfusion
Isotretinoin Isthmus (Iz-Muhs)
Itraconazole Iu
Iv Ivp

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Information and definitions of the medical conditions and diseases have been taken from various reliable government publications and we have done our best to verify their accuracy. If you feel any of the definitions are incorrect or needs to be updated please contact us and we will look into it.