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Cancer Terms Beginning With T

T-3 T-Cell
T-Cell Depletion T-Cell Lymphoma (Lim-Fo-Ma)
T138067 T4N5 Liposomal Lotion
T900607 Tacrolimus
Tag-72 Antigen Talampanel
Tamoxifen (Ta-Mok-Si-Fen) Taporfin Sodium
Targeted Therapy Tariquidar
Taurolidine Taxane
Technetium Tc 99M Dextran Technetium Tc 99M Sulfur Colloid
Tegafur Teicoplanin
Telangiectasia (Tel-An-Gee-Ek-Tay-Zha) Temoporfin
Temozolomide Teniposide
Tens Teratoma (Ter-A-Tow-Ma)
Terminal Disease Testicle (Tes-Tih-Kul)
Testimonial Testosterone (Tes-Tos-Ter-Own)
Tetanus Toxoid Tetracycline
Tg4010 Thalamus (Thal-A-Muss)
Thalidomide Theophylline
Therapeutic Therapy
Thermal Ablation Thermography
Thioguanine Thiotepa
Thoracentesis (Thor-A-Sen-Tee-Sis) Thoracic (Thor-Ass-Ik)
Thoracoscopy Thoracotomy (Thor-A-Kah-Toe-Mee)
Thrombocyte (Throm-Bo-Site) Thrombocytopenia
Thrombohemorrhagic Event Thrombophlebitis (Throm-Bo-Fleh-By-Tis)
Thrombopoietin Thrombosis (Throm-Bow-Sis)
Thrush Thymidine
Thymidylate Synthase Inhibitor Thymoma
Thymus Thyroglobulin (Thigh-Roe-Glob-Yu-Lin)
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone Thyroidectomy (Thigh-Roid-Ek-Toe-Mee)
Thyroid Follicular Cell Thyroid Gland (Thigh-Royd)
Thyroid Hormone Thyroid (Thigh-Royd)
Tiazofurin Time To Progression
Tinidazole Tin Ethyl Etiopurpurin
Tin Sn 117M Dtpa Tipifarnib
Tirapazamine Tissue Flap Reconstruction
Tissue (Tish-Oo) Tlk286
Tm Tnf
Tnferade Tnm Staging System
Tnp-470 Tocladesine
Tomography (Tuh-Mah-Gra-Fee) Tonsil
Topical Topical Chemotherapy (Kee-Mo-Ther-A-Pee)
Topoisomerase Inhibitor Topotecan
Toremifene Total-Body Irradiation
Total Androgen Blockade Total Estrogen Blockade
Total Hysterectomy Total Laryngectomy (Lair-In-Jek-Tuh-Mee)
Total Mastectomy (Mas-Tek-Toe-Mee) Total Nodal Irradiation
Total Pancreatectomy Total Parenteral Nutrition
Totipotent Toxic
Toxin Tpa
Tracer Trace Element
Trachea (Tray-Kee-Uh) Tracheoesophageal Puncture (Tray-Kee-O-Eh-Sof-Uh-Jee-Al Punk-Chur)
Tracheostomy Button (Tray-Kee-Ahs-Toe-Mee) Tracheostomy (Tray-Kee-Ahs-Toe-Mee)
Tracheostomy Tube (Tray-Kee-Ahs-Tuh-Mee Toob) Trach Tube
Transabdominal Ultrasound Transcendental Meditation
Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation Transdermal
Transformation Transfusion (Trans-Fyoo-Zhun)
Transitional Cell Transitional Cell Carcinoma
Transperineal Biopsy Transplantation
Transplant Surgeon Transrectal Biopsy
Transrectal Ultrasound Transurethral Biopsy
Transurethral Needle Ablation Transurethral Resection (Tranz-Yoo-Ree-Thral Ree-Sek-Shun)
Transurethral Resection Of The Prostate (Tranz-Yoo-Ree-Thral Ree-Sek-Shun) Transvaginal Ultrasound
Trastuzumab (Tras-Too-Zuh-Mab) Treatment Field
Treosulfan Tretinoin
Triacetyluridine Triamcinolone (Try-Am-Sin-Oh-Lone)
Tributyrin Trichothiodystrophy
Trigeminal Nerve Triiodothyronine
Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Trimetrexate Glucuronate
Triptorelin Troglitazone
Tropisetron Troxacitabine
Tubal Ligation (Too-Bul Lye-Gay-Shun) Tuberous Sclerosis
Tubulovillous Adenoma Tumor-Derived
Tumor-Specific Antigen Tumor Antigen Vaccine
Tumor Board Review Tumor Burden
Tumor Debulking Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte
Tumor Load Tumor Marker
Tumor Model Tumor Necrosis Factor (Too-Mer Ne-Kro-Sis)
Tumor Suppressor Gene (Too-Mer) Tumor (Too-Mer)
Tur Turkish Rhubarb
Turp Tvs
Tyrosinase Peptide Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor

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Information and definitions of the medical conditions and diseases have been taken from various reliable government publications and we have done our best to verify their accuracy. If you feel any of the definitions are incorrect or needs to be updated please contact us and we will look into it.