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Medical Terms Beginning With H

H2-blockers Hair cells
Halitosis Hallux rigidus
Hamstrings Hay fever
Headache, primary Headache, secondary (traction headaches or inflammatory headaches)
Hearing aid Hearing disorder
Hearing Heart block
Heart-lung machine Heart valve prolapse
Heartbeat Heberden's nodes
Hematopathology Hemorrhage
Hemorrhoidectomy Hepatitis E
Hepatologist Hepatology
High density lipoprotein (HDL) Hip
Histamine Hives
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Hormone therapy
Hormones Human chorionic gonadotropin
Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) Hyaloid canal
Hydrocortisone Hydrogen breath test
Hydrotherapy Hyperextension
Hyperglycemia Hyperopia
Hyperplasia, endometrial Hypertrophy
Hypogeusia Hypomobility
Hyposmia Hypotension
Hypothalamus Hypoxia

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Information and definitions of the medical conditions and diseases have been taken from various reliable government publications and we have done our best to verify their accuracy. If you feel any of the definitions are incorrect or needs to be updated please contact us and we will look into it.