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Mental Health Terms Beginning With P

Panic attacks Panic Disorder
Paranoia Paranoid Disorders
Paranoid ideation Paranoid Personality Disorder
Parasomnia Passive aggression
Persecutory delusion Perseveration
Personality Phallic stage
Phobia Piblokto
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Postpartum depression
Preconscious Pregenital
Pressured speech Prevalence
Primary gain Primary process
Prodrome Prognosis
Projection Projective identification
Projective tests Prosopagnosia
Pseudocyesis Pseudodementia
Psychiatric Nurse Psychiatrist
Psychodynamic therapy Psychologist
Psychomotor agitation Psychomotor retardation
Psychosexual development Psychosis
Psychosocial Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Psychosomatic Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy Psychotic
Psychotropic medication Purging

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Information and definitions of the medical conditions and diseases have been taken from various reliable government publications and we have done our best to verify their accuracy. If you feel any of the definitions are incorrect or needs to be updated please contact us and we will look into it.